Rodolfo Peraza / Guerrilla Hotspot: The Forest. 2016-Present.

Data Collection Station, mobile access point, Oculus Rift Dev 2, and Leap Motion. Dimensions Variable. Courtesy of the artist.

Guerrilla Hotspot is an installation of free wifi hotspots that has been presented in the Wynwood Design District in Miami, in Los Angeles; and in San Juan, PR. before, and is now active at MUD Foundation to serve the Little Havana neighborhood where it is located. The artist provides these local communities (the immediate radius of people around the nanostations) with access to free Internet, in exchange for collecting the metadata they generate when using it –given their previous consent. The information collected is analyzed and then projected in the space, in real time. The tracking technology –the same that Internet Service Providers use – is hooked up to a VR software for data visualization. The information is converted into abstract maps of connections that, as it happens everyday with the information we give to Internet companies, could be overseen and, judging by the beauty of its graphics, remain at the level of the retina. Anyhow, the immediacy of the piece, which hopefully can be grasped by a fragment of the wifi users within the community, reveals the dynamics of connectivity and surveillance nowadays.

(in collaboration with Jommy Barban, Olivia Solis and Dusan A.)

(Special thanks to SHARE Foundation)