At XRHUB LAB, we take a multidisciplinary approach to innovation research, learning and co-creation. Our focus is to develop new frameworks and knowledge infrastructure that specifically aim to enhance the phygital aspect of immersive learning experiences and art creation.

We are prototyping and developing new ways of creating decentralized art access and distribution.

Focusing on XR web base immersive interfaces and experiences.

Research Tracks

EXHIBITION: MUD 4.0 – to expand the exhibition format towards the Techno-Social Landscape

WASD 4.0 is an innovative event that seeks to explore the advances of digital technology and its impact on society. The event will use physicalization as its guiding concept, which is a combination of physical and digital. The event explores ways to create new art experiences beyond the traditional exhibition format. WASD 4.0 will explore decentralized art content and distribution, as well as immersive interfaces and experiences. The event encourages creative growth and provides an open framework for discussing the implications of digital technology in society.

Workshop: Prototyping governance: Art, Society, Territory from actuality to possibility

A co-design workshop that focuses on how decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) enabled by blockchain technology can be used to redefine the creative economy and art production. Our goal is to explore how these new forms of organization and economy can be applied to rethink the relationship between art, society and territory.

XR development

We have the capability to develop and integrate solutions that are tailored to our community’s exact needs. Our team is skilled in the latest XR technologies and tools, and we use our expertise to create robust solutions that are both reliable and cost-effective.


An XR web metaverse platform to create, socialize and experience art.

To support the work of artists members of MUD foundation, we developed and minted different artworks based on the pieces exposed on MUD: WASD 3.0

Through Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences, PlaceArt aims to lower access barriers to art. It allows you to visualize and customize fine art prints from the best Public Domain Museum Art pieces worldwide.


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Mud Foundation is experimenting with new ways to build relationships between donors and creators. We are building a decentralized and fragmented framework for direct donations to different projects and artists. Our goal is to fully achieve a DAO, blockchain-based decentralized autonomous organization system that provides different levels of access and direct funding.

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