Welcome to MUD*

OUR MISSION To facilitate educational and artistic projects where art, the internet, virtual reality, and data converge. To raise awareness on contemporary digital cultures and footprints.



ART+HACK+DATA is a weekend-long, free, and non-commercial social artistry event in Miami where media creators and hackers are working together on issues about the digital environment, while also helping other participants understand them, and find their own means of creative expression.

Our goal is reaching local new media artists and tech-enthusiasts to solidify the scene of creative-makers, and bring them together in setting the values and new standards that will prevent any kind of oppression, censorship, and surveillance for future generations.



VRCamp is an intensive program on contemporary digital culture for students of different ages. The course teaches the philosophy and modus operandi of the Internet and virtual reality through videos, art, and fun activities that stimulate their artistic and social skills.


Rodolfo Peraza
Artist / Founder
phone: +1 (786)8007197
email: rperaza@mud.foundation

Edilberto Pelegrino
Artist / Digital Master Printing  / Founder
email: epelegrino@mud.foundation

Olivia Solis
Information Architecture Designer / Founder
email: osolis@mud.foundation

Jommy Barbán
Software Engineer / Founder
email: jbarban@mud.foundation

Betzabet Consuegra
Choir and orchestra conductor / Founder
email: bconsuegra@mud.foundation



MUD Foundation is a US tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your gift is tax-deductible as allowed by law.