To facilitate educational and artistic projects where the internet, data, extended reality, and art converge. We raise awareness of contemporary digital culture and its footprints.
We develop programs and activities that explore and expand solutions to the following foundational statements.
Reconfigure the traditional format of exhibiting tech-centered art that is by nature interdisciplinary and diachronic.
Critically examine the internet as media and the underlying logic of its infrastructure, data management, control, and impact on society.
Close the cultural gap between the received history of art and tech-centered art due to the unspecified nature of the relation between art and technology.
Provide new governance and economic models that support and create art that reflects the issues raised by disruptive technologies.


Media Under Dystopia 3.0: WASD

The new edition of Media Under Dystopia 3.0: WASD will display artworks created by visual artists using the internet as a creative medium. Presenting tech-centered pieces that de-constructs our digital environment and culture and at the same time exploring the open metaverse as a place for creation within artistic practices.

Starstruck by: VUK Cosic

Join Vuk Cosic in a talk about his artwork “Starstruck” and the historical connection of the piece with the LA Olympics opening ceremony between July and August 1984, where humans -as always- were perceived as pixels.


An XR web metaverse platform to create, socialize and experience art. Onland is an open web-based metaverse developed by Next Reality Digital for MUD Foundation INC, a non-profit based in Miami wich mission is to facilitate educational and artistic projects where the internet, data, virtual reality, and art converge.


Ariel Baron-robbins
leo castaneda
vuk cosic
filio galvez
jose hernandez sanchez
vladan joler
antonio mendez
yucef merhi
ernesto oroza
rodolfo peraza
rafael rodriguez garciga
Alba Triana

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Mud Foundation is experimenting with new ways to build relationships between donors and creators. We are building a decentralized and fragmented framework for direct donations to different projects and artists. Our goal is to fully achieve a DAO, blockchain-based decentralized autonomous organization system that provides different levels of access and direct funding.



Isaac Lapciuc and Ariel Baron-Robbins


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Elizabeth and William Hoelle



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