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MUD 3.0

Silicon Beach

Media Under Dystopia 3.0: WASD

The new edition of Media Under Dystopia 3.0: WASD displays artworks created by visual artists using the internet as a creative medium. Presenting tech-centered pieces that deconstruct our digital environment and culture and at the same time exploring the open metaverse as a place for creation within artistic practices.

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SIlicon Beach scene capture

Microverse (work in progress)

Microverse delves into the vibrational essence of the natural world. The instrument sounds without being touched, and the waves it emits are seen in space. Visitors can navigate this otherwise imperceptible reality thanks to a virtual reality experience.

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On this artwork the intersection of digital and cultural histories is explored through the research and reimagining of “card stunts” used in various historical contexts where individuals become only a pixel and are surrogate to the collective inertia.

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New Extractivism

New Extractivism explores the concept of a new form of extractivism in the stack behind contemporary technological systems creating a blueprint of a machine-like superstructure: a super allegory.

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Augmented Drag Reality

By utilizing religious iconography from the artist’s upbringing and fusing it with contemporary queer imagery, viewers will witness an apparition which will protect and unite all who experience it.

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Interfacing Actuality

Interfacing Actuality has taken the notion of interfaces as a point of entry for enacting a shift currently taking place in our reality, which is demonstrated by the phenomenon of the metaverse. This shift I have termed the prototyping of actuality. Interfacing actuality refers to the metaverse as the technical system by which the actual becomes an interface.

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MUD 2.0

Digital Twin

XRHub Main

A virtual twin of XRhub, the MUD Foundation XR Lab, and gallery space based in Little Haiti, Miami, Florida, US.

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Intensity Testing

In a virtual environment, a set of drone-like beings analyze and manipulate an organic mass-like entity. Testing modes of interaction through varying intensities of light and touch, the drones train to interact with a section of a sentient world whose material properties are uncertain, shifting between liquid, solid, and gas states. Drawings relating to the process and environment accompany a wallpaper that serves as a simulated U.I. for future or alternate world technology where landscapes, living beings and machines are interchangeable and interconnected. Images of perhaps an inventory or interface around or inside the entities. A micro-scene from the expanded video-game experience Levels & Bosses.

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We are being watched

We Are Being Watched is a computer-generated work comprising 4 screens and a live feed projection. Each screen displays one word of the aforementioned title, moving vertically on the screen, glitching like damaged VHS tapes or old TV reception. The projection shows a glitched live feed of the audience over the glass doors of the exhibition space, enabling people outside to see what is happening inside. The work interrogates the classic surveillance slogan We Are Being Watched by reframing the YOU as WE. This semantic alteration places the awareness in the people who are being watched while diminishing the power of the invisible watcher, the Orwellian Big Brother, the all-seeing eye of a totalitarian police state. In the 'we' there is a communal experience that empowers the surveilled targets, providing a sense of inclusion rather than fear and paranoia.

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Trinity Metaverse

A music composition takes place in a virtual reality space, where the spectator - user - will be able to move around it, altering the music depending on where they are within the space. The work features video as well, this being part of the musical 'narrative'.

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Pilgram: Naked Link 3.0

Pilgram: Naked Link 3.0 is the continuous process of a conceptual work that explores the boundaries between data visualization and art made from data collection, creating a link between scientific InfoVis & data sublimation. Pilgram 1.0, the first iteration, was made in 2015 and opened a hotspot in Havana. The 2.0 iteration showed the invisible structures that tie the U.S. (Miami) and Cuba, monitoring and analyzing the packet data traffic. The 3.0 naked links iteration will be a search in the possible changes (or not) of communication infrastructure since the 2.0 research. For the 3.0 iteration, we will display (in real-time) how the flow of communication between the two cities and the two countries is taking place nowadays. Pilgram: Naked Link 3.0 will visualize on real-time XR interfaces (extended realities) the links and infrastructure between the two countries that, in other cases, wouldn't be visible with the naked eye.

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Machay XR Metaverse

Tour 360

Machay XR Metaverse

Led by the M4 team in collaboration with the MUD Foundation, the Manchay Project is a transformative initiative for the San Francisco de Asís School in Manchay. Addressing educational gaps in literacy and math, it introduces the metaverse as an avant-garde learning tool. Over three years, the initiative will establish a Wi-Fi-equipped garden library, debut a metaverse learning platform, and ensure the best utilization of resources. This effort is set to pioneer a benchmark for educational strategies in developing areas.

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Image of the Machay XR Metaverse project in Peru