MUD_MAAS is a user-centered solution for creating XR metaverses, enabling artists, organizations, and businesses to showcase their work and collaborate in immersive and interactive virtual environments using the latest WebXR technology.


MUD_MAAS is the MUD Foundation INC tech solution for developing XR metaverses for artists, organizations, and businesses.

The word metaverse first appeared in Neal Stephenson's 1992 novel Snow Crash as a collective virtual shared space and a three-dimensional Internet representation.

MUD Foundation INC aims to prototype the future of virtual experiences through MUD_MAAS, our solution for developing XR metaverses. MaaS stands for "Metaverse as a Service," a simplified model for creating and managing virtual worlds. MUD_MAAS leverages the latest advancements WebXR, and WebRTC, to create web-based immersive virtual experiences.


We understand that creating virtual worlds can be a daunting task, which is why we've designed MUD_MAAS to be a user-friendly platform that guides creators through the process. Our platform is based on user-centered design principles, which means that we've conducted user research and testing to ensure that our solution meets the needs and preferences of our users.

XR Metaverse

The use of XR interfaces has shown promising results in enhancing learning, art creation, and art consumption. By providing an immersive and interactive environment, XR technology allows users to actively participate in the creation and consumption of art, rather than passively observing it.

Studies have shown that XR technology can increase information retention and engagement by up to 80%. In art, XR interfaces can be used to create immersive virtual galleries, interactive installations, and collaborative projects that engage audiences in new and decentralized modes.

XR technology can revolutionize how we learn, create, and consume art. By creating immersive and interactive virtual environments, we can engage audiences in ways that were never before possible. Join us on our mission to create an XR Metaverse where creators and audiences can engage with each other in immersive interfaces to unlock new paths for art and expression.

MUD verse space

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