Exhibition program

Media Under Dystopia 1.0


Vuk CosiC
Filio Gálvez
 Vladan Joler
Ernesto Oroza
Rodolfo Peraza

MUD Foundation Opens its Doors with the Exhibition Media Under Dystopia 1.0

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Miami, FL – After two years in the making, MUD Foundation will open its doors to the Miami community on December 6, 2017 from 7PM to 9PM with an homonymous exhibition, Media Under Dystopia 1.0, curated by Rodolfo Peraza and Yuneikys Villalonga.

The Foundation’s mission is facilitating educational and artistic projects where art, the Internet, virtual reality, and data converge. Working both from its Little Havana headquarters and in collaboration with other art organizations in the City of Miami, the Foundation offers a varied program of technology-related art exhibitions and educational workshops. “Our goal is raising awareness on contemporary digital cultures and their footprint in society today through artistic and educational projects.” said Rodolfo Peraza, visual artist and founder of MUD Foundation.

The exhibition Media Under Dystopia 1.0 will serve as the kickoff of Art+Hack+Data 2018 –a more ambitious, social artistry event that encompasses a conference and a series of presentations and workshops in different organizations of Miami. International new media creators and tech-enthusiasts will come together to discuss issues on the digital environment and work with participants to find their own means of creative expression. Stay tuned for details on the Art+Hack+Data 2018.

Media Under Dystopia 1.0 December 6, 2017 to March 2, 2018 Opening Reception: December 6, 2017 from 7 to 9PM

Media Under Dystopia 1.0 delves on the nature of our hyper-connected society and its promise of democracy at a moment when its core foundation is at risk and issues such as Internet Neutrality are under attack. How are individuals, as well as local contexts with their specific histories and politics represented and served within the current digital landscape? How can the physical and the digital infrastructures of the Internet be mapped, and what do these new cartographies tell us about today?

Among the specific topics in question are the reach and impact of Facebook's data collection backbone (Joler;) the aesthetics of Internet glitches as another form of perception of digital content (Gálvez;) alternative digital networks in Cuba as platforms for collective creation (Oroza;) the restoration of memory and history through digital data archives (Ćosić;) and the reflection on connectivity and control through the collection and visualization of Internet users' metadata (Peraza.)

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